District Expectations (Section E 1240)
  1. Volunteers are not to displace regularly authorized school personnel, but are to perform task which will enhance the educational program and assist in providing for the safety and security of the students.
  2. Volunteers must follow the directions provided by the supervising certificated employee.
  3. Volunteers are not to touch or physically interact with students in a manner which is harmful or uncomfortable to the student.
  4. Volunteers are to work with, supervise, or assist all students in the classroom or on the campus, not just one or two students, unless so directed by the supervising certificated employee
  5. While performing volunteer duties, volunteers might observe confidential information which includes, but is not limited to, test scores, medical conditions, and disciplinary records. Volunteers must understand that confidential matters observed on the school campus shall be kept confidential.
  6. Volunteers who perform campus or playground supervision duties must participate in a district-provided training program prior to participating in such duties.
  7. Volunteers who perform campus supervision duties are to observe only. The volunteer is to report immediately to District employee any student behavioral problem(s) or safety concern(s) which may arise.
  8. The principal shall be fully responsible for all volunteers on campus. The principal shall ensure that all volunteers receive site-specific training, i.e., how to safely use equipment, understand the site’s emergency procedures (fire drills, disaster drills, etc.), specific tasks, and sign-in and out procedures, etc. The principal safety/security threat to the campus, or is hindering the educational objectives of the site. Any concerns the volunteer may have regarding the principals’ decision may be addressed through the formal complaint process