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Ridge Crest Elementary School

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Parents » Student Rules

Student Rules

School Rules
Students are expected to obey the following rules:
  • Obey and respect all adults on campus
  • Obey all safety and playground rules
  • No use of bad language or fighting
  • No skateboards or skates allowed on school grounds
  • No riding of bicycles allowed on school grounds
  • Walk on ramps at all times
  • Play in assigned areas only
  • No. loitering or playing in the bathrooms
  • No pushing while waiting for a drink at the fountain
  • Use restroom and drinking fountain before the bell rings
  • Freeze and stop playing when the bell rings. When the whistle is blown, students are to walk to their lines immediately.
Dress and Appearance
Student clothing must be neat and clean at all times and shoes must be worn. Strapless sandals, high heels, or thongs are not appropriate footwear for school. Hair should be neatly groomed and out of the eyes. Short-shorts, and halter tops on either boys or girls are not considered appropriate dress for school. Students must wear clothing that does not endanger their safety or interfere with the educational program. Gang-related clothing, which includes excessively bagging pants or paraphernalia, may not be worn.
Only 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders whose parents have signed a permission slip may ride their bicycle to school. Students are expected to:
  • Obey all bicycle safety rules (includes wearing a helmet).
  • Always walk their bicycles on campus.
  • Park and lock their bikes in the bike rack.
Toys and Games
Toys and games are not allowed at school unless they have an instructional purpose, and students have permission from their teachers to bring them. Skateboards, baseball bats, MP3 players (I-Pods), electronic games, etc., are not allowed and will be confiscated if brought to school. Parents may be called to pick them up.
Bus Regulations
Students are expected to obey the following rules:
  1. Ride only the bus they are assigned.
  2. Follow the bus driver’s direction.
  3. Remain seated facing the front of the bus.
  4. Talk quietly.
  5. Keep hands and feet to themselves and inside the bus.
  6. No eating or drinking on the bus.
  7. No pets or dangerous objects shall be taken on the bus. No throwing of any objects inside or outside the bus
If a bus rule is broken, the student will receive a bus ticket.
  • 1st ticket – call to office, letter sent home.
  • 2nd ticket- two-day suspension from riding the bus.
  • 3rd ticket- five-day suspension from riding the bus.
  • 4th ticket- loss of bus privileges for the remainder of the year.
Playground Standards
Students are expected to obey the following rules:
  • No throwing of any objects other than classroom balls, ring toss, or Frisbees All games involving kicking balls or throwing balls must be played in the grass areas
  • No climbing on fences or crossing the street to retrieve any playground equipment
  • No bouncing of balls on ramps or building walls
  • No locked games or contact sports allowed
  • No playing between the building or on the ramps during recess and lunch
  • No twirling, standing up, or jumping off the swings
  • No walking across, sitting on, or jumping off the horizontal ladder
  • No eating or chewing gum is allowed on the playground
Consequences for Yard/Cafeteria Problems
  • 1st ticket – warning
  • 2 tickets – per quarter, Loss of Recess
  • 3 tickets – Loss of Lunch Recess
  • 4 tickets – Detention
  • 5 tickets – Office Referral
In addition a ticket may be issued in the cafeteria to a classroom that consistently does not follow cafeteria rules and regulation. Consequences for a class ticket are administered by the teacher.
Note: Keep in mind that staff can deviate from the consequence guidelines, depending on the severity of the problem.
Playground Rules and Regulations
  • No standing up, sitting two to a seat, twirling or jumping from swings.
  • No rolling up or wrapping around the top
  • No standing in front of or behind swings while in use
Tether Ball
  • No catches
  • No ropes
  • No over-sides
  • No poles
  • Second person in line is the judge
Ground Rules – Playground Behavior
  • No chasing
  • No kicking, choking, or hitting, spitting, biting or pushing
  • No going behind or between building
  • No Greek Dodge Ball
  • No bounding balls off building wall
Hand Ball
  • Must serve between painted lines
  • Must serve or return above the line on the wall
  • The lines are in (No Slides, Babies, ETC)
  • No catches, doubles, second chances, or any other creative innovations allowed
  • Second person in line is judge