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Ridge Crest Elementary School

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Parents » Attendance


School begins promptly at 8:00 a.m. Students should not arrive earlier than 7:30, since no student supervision will be provided prior to that time. A.M. Kindergarten hours are 8:00-2:10 P.M.
Any student TK through 6th grade, arriving to school after 8:00 AM should report to the office for a tardy pass before going to the classroom.

The importance of regular attendance cannot be over emphasized! A student should be in school every day that he/she is physically able. It is extremely difficult to keep up with class work if attendance is irregular. Poor attendance will be considered in the Mandatory Retention Law.
All absences are to be reported to the school on the first day. Parents or guardians can call (951) 571-4640 to report the absence. If it is not possible for an absence to be reported on the first day, the student must bring to school a written excuse giving the date of absence, reason for absence and parent’s signature. The only reasons for being absent that qualify as excused are illness, a medical or dental appointment, a court appearance or a death in the family. Students will be responsible for seeing that all make-up work is completed. Board policy states that parents/guardians have up to three school days to provide documentation for student’s absence. After three school days all unverified absences will be converted to unexcused.

School dismisses at 2:25 P.M. Students should go directly home at dismissal time. If a student stays after school without permission, parents will be contacted by the teacher.

Parents, please note that Early Releases and Tardies are considered an attendance event. If a student receives an Early Release or Tardy four times in any semester, the student will not qualify for perfect attendance. Also, if the student receives four in school year, the student will no longer qualify for perfect attendance for the year.
Due to the importance of education and learning, Early Releases and Tardies affect the classroom teaching environment. The school will not release any student 30 minutes before school ends. Please make arrangements for doctors, dental, or other appointments during non-school days or after school.

A parent planning to take their child out of school early must come to the office and sign him/her out. The office clerk will call the class and have the student meet his/her parent in the office. A student or students may never leave the school with anyone but the parent or the person listed on their emergency card. We are asking anyone who comes to take a child out of school to show identification. This procedure is to ensure you child’s safety.