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Ridge Crest Elementary School

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Important Message from the Superintendent

December 9, 2021


This is Dr. Kedziora, Superintendent of the Moreno Valley Unified School District.

I am calling to address concerns regarding recent social media posts. We want you to know that we take any rumor or threat of violence very seriously and work very closely with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department.

In my previous message, we have asked that you please continue to practice our See Something, Say Something protocol and remind students about it as well. We sincerely appreciate all of you who have called us and want to let you know that we are aware of these posts.

Currently, there is one vague social media post circulating that mentions being absent from one of our schools today. It does not mention a reason, but we are taking it seriously and are investigating. 

There is another one that is also vague, mentioning violence at unknown schools in the “north” and to be on guard. 

Although those two posts are not explicit about something happening at our schools, please know that any comments or social media posts that appear to be a threat are taken seriously. 

We will continue to work with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department to investigate and determine the credibility of statements or posts on social media. We have increased supervision and security at all of our schools as well for precautionary measures. Any of the schools affected will provide direct communication to families and staff to keep them informed.

Please take this opportunity to talk with your students and remind them that anytime they hear or see anything unusual related to their school - it should be immediately reported to a school administrator or the Sheriff’s Department. Also, please continue to encourage other families that you know of to complete the Annual Information Update to ensure they are receiving important communication from the school and district.

We thank you for your continued partnership with our schools. Together, we will ensure learning continues safely every day at all of our schools. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at